Our proposals

With consideration of the public's views on how to enhance walkability of Hong Kong and reference to overseas exemplars, we devised a walkability strategy for achieving "Walkable HK" and the conceptual pedestrian plans for the two pilot areas of the study. Details can be found on the Public Engagement Digest.

Stage 2 Public Engagement Digest

We have chosen two distinctive districts, Central and Sham Shui Po, as the pilot area for a "Walkable CBD" and "Walkable urban district", respectively. By devising a pedestrian plan that can highlight the characteristics of these two areas, and trial of different walkability improvement measures, this act as the first step crucial for implementing a "Walkable HK".

The Central pilot area is bounded by Garden Road, Conduit Road, Western Street and the Central Harbourfront. Central has been an important financial and business hub in Hong Kong, which also consists of an abundance of historical site and diverse cultural and art venue, such as Tai Kwun and PMQ. We aim to enhance the pilot area's walkability, especially its accessibility and the attractiveness of the walking environment, to encourage the public to opt for walking within the community, instead of driving or travel via vehicle transport to access the CBD. We also aim to strengthen the connection of the CBD, the harbourfront, historical site, cultural facilities and the communities nearby. There are 5 key enhancement schemes in the Central pilot area: Central Business Core, Sheung Wan Business Core, Culture, Heritage and Entertainment Precinct, Tai Ping Shan Street Precinct and the Harbourfront Links.

The pilot area in Sham Shui Po is bounded by Prince Edward Road West, Tai Po Road, Hing Wah Street and the harbourfront. Sham Shui Po is one of the first developed area in the Kowloon Peninsula. Most of its land use is high-density public and private residential development, retails, government facilities and public space. In its older urban core, the improvement of walkability not only accommodates the community's need for accessibility and convenience due to the ageing population, it could facilitate the connection and accessibility from the old urban core to the newly reclaimed land and the harbourfront easily, helping the merging of the old and the new communities. There are 8 main enhancement schemes for the Sham Shui Po pilot area: Market Precinct, Nam Cheong Green Corridor, Tung Chau Green Corridor, School Precinct, Tai Nam Fabric Precinct, North-South Connectors, East-West Connectors and the Harbourfront Links.