Definition of Walkability for Hong Kong

We are studying what Walkability means to Hong Kong, and your opinions are an important part of the study.

Michael Southworth (Professor Emeritus, City & Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning of the University of California at Berkeley), once suggested in his work a definition of walkability that sums up some of the key points as : "Walkability is the extent to which the built environment supports and encourages walking by providing for pedestrian comfort and safety, connecting people with varied destinations within a reasonable time and effort, and offering visual interest in journeys throughout the network."

This is an excellent working definition that touches on key aspects of walking such as the built environment, connectivity, comfort, safety, efficiency, enjoyment and people's perception. It would be very helpful to be a starting point for further discussion in defining walkability in Hong Kong.

Michael Southworth (2005), "Designing the walkable city", Journal of Urban Planning and Development, December 2005, pp.246-257.