Why should we carry out trial for low speed limit zone?

We suggest carrying out a trial on low speed limit zone of 30km/h in Sham Shui Po pilot area. This trial aims to raise awareness of the public (including pedestrian and drivers) that low speed limit could improve walkability in the area and it has only slight influence on the traffic. Cities such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Sydney had been implementing this measure in large scale, which highly improve their walkability and road safety.

We take note of the public's concern that the low speed limit zone may cause traffic jam or delay in traffic time. We have chosen to carry out the trial on road sections that are heavily used by pedestrian with a low average vehicular speed. It is anticipated to have limited impact on the traffic.

Some citizen asked, if the average speed of the chosen area is already low where cars already travel at a speed below 30km/h most of the time, why do we bother to set up a low speed limit zone?

Low speed limit can encourage driver to drive at a constant speed and help raise drivers' alertness of the surrounding environment and react in a timely manner. This is found to be an important factor in reducing traffic/pedestrian accident and the severity of pedestrian's injury.

Overseas research shows that there is direct relation between the vehicle speed and the pedestrian's fatality rate in car accidents. When the vehicular speed is reduced to 30km/h from 50km/h, the braking distance also decreased significantly. This in turns reduces the frequency of collision, as well as lowering the fatality rate significantly.

The above factors are effective in improving road safety, especially relevant to the senior citizens and students. Therefore, we hope to carry out trial of low speed limit zone in Sham Shui Po. If the outcome is favourable, the measure is intended to be extended to other areas. We are also considering to carry out trial of low speed limit near the school precinct.