"Every journey begins and ends in walking."

Walking is the best way to experience Hong Kong, from the multi-layers of vibrant city life, the identities of community, to the opportunities to enjoy our eat, work and play in our inter-connected city.

In supporting the Government's "Walk in HK" initiative, Transport Department has commenced the "Consultancy Study on Enhancing Walkability in Hong Kong" aiming at formulating planning and design standards based on pedestrian-first principles for developing Hong Kong into a walkable city.

We are a passionate team who are keen to create and develop a more pedestrian-friendly environment in Hong Kong. We understand Hong Kong is a diverse city with pedestrians of diverse needs and we value opinions from every one of you.

Please join us and let's start our journey for a more Walkable Hong Kong. We are looking forward to your participation and support to help us better understand your needs.

Study Theme

  • "Make it connected" by enhancing pedestrian networks;
  • "Make it safe" by providing a safe and quality pedestrian environment;
  • "Make it enjoyable" by making walking a pleasant experience; and
  • "Make it smart " by providing user-friendly information on walking routes.